You’re in pain. We’re here to help! CK Farr Dentistry is a dental practice with a culture of empathy. We all understand the REAL Anxiety many experience at the thought of a dental visit.

Dr. Farr cares about your overall health. Here are a few things we offer other dentists might not, about non-invasive oral cancer screening and comprehensive dental care.

Cavities occur in, not all, but most (90%) healthy people. At some point in your life, you’ll likely experience some cavity which will require a dentist’s care.


Dental implants are intended to offer a groundwork for replacement teeth that function, feel, and look comparable to natural teeth.

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that aids in removing dental discoloration or stains that could be caused by beverages, medicine, or fluorides.

Routine dental cleanings and check ups are an important part of keeping your smile healthy.


The modern dentists today use sedation dentistry to help individuals in overcoming the fear that they have regarding dentists.

Invisalign uses a modern method in the straightening of your teeth, with the use of custom-built series of aligners.

Cosmetic dentistry is related with the appearance of your teeth and smile enhancement.

Dental crowns are coverings or caps for a tooth. They may be used when the teeth are broken, cracked, discolored, or when the filling in the tooth is lost.

In case you often wake up with a tooth pain, a dull headache, or a sore jaw, you may be suffering from a condition that is known as Bruxism.

Root canal treatment involves repairing and saving an infected or damaged tooth.

Removable partial dentures normally consist of the replacement teeth that is fixed to the gum-colored or pink plastic bases.

White fillings or tooth-colored fillings refers to the dental fillings which restore and copy the natural look of your tooth structure.

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells that are made of porcelain and they are bonded to the front part of the tooth.